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The Power of Books

While reading the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, my husband asked me if I knew what the most anticipated movie of 2012 was. Of course I replied, “The Hunger Games,” and was correct. The surprising part was that The Hunger Games beat out the new Batman movie as the most anticipated. “That just shows you the power of books,” my husband replied.  Wow…that statement just resonated with me! While I’m sure that there will be some who watch the movie having never read the book, I suspect millions more will go eagerly waiting to see if Katniss is as tough and heartbreaking as she was in the book. I, for one, want to see the Capital. Do the images in my mind match with what will be on the screen? Who knows? One thing is for sure–the movie will not be as good as the book. They never are. (Did anyone see The City of Ember???) No movie can take you into a character or a world the way a book can. Each person who read The Hunger Games put their own unique spin on the characters and events in their minds. Think about the climax of the story…now ask your friends how they envisioned it. I bet no two are the same. That’s the power of books! Regardless of who reads them, each book is personalized to each reader. I’m not going to get into Transactional Theories of reading here…but it’s true. Each book provides a different experience for each reader who turns the pages. How cool is that??

On a final note, if you have NOT read The Hunger Games yet…you still have time!! The movie doesn’t come out until March. I highly suggest you move this book to the top of your to be read pile immediately! You won’t regret it (or the lack of sleep from staying up late to read).




So Excited!

I finished!

Out of sheer determination to be a reader, my five year old sat with me over the course of two days and read about 85% of Happy Birthday Bad Kitty to me. I only had to supply a few words. Love it!!


I love reading the blogs of other literacy lovers. One such person is Donalyn Miller at The Book Whisperer. (Thanks Shannon at Extreme Reading and Writing for teaching me how to do this!) I’ve read Donalyn’s book, The Book Whisperer and loved it. Then I found her blog and loved that as well. Then, unbelievably, I met her at the State of Maryland International Reading Association Conference (SOMIRAC) last year. She was so down to earth and immediately started a conversation with me. She truly seemed to enjoy talking to “fans” and loved talking about books. Her session was awesome too! I don’t know why I thought she would be any different…She still inspires me to be a better reading teacher each day. This is why I’ve chosen Donalyn Miller as my first Inspiration  Post.  Maybe somewhere along the time continuum, she’ll read this post and add it to the thousands of others she’s seen naming her as an inspiration. Thanks Donalyn!!

New Books for Classroom Library

New Books for Classroom Library

I will be able to welcome my students back with several new books. Thanks for all the Christmas gift cards!! 🙂

Baby Steps

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’m ready to jump into the world of blogging. I really don’t know what I’m doing, but after a year or two of reading other great blogs, I’m inspired to try it myself. I thought I was the only one who felt passionate about books. I was wrong! My blog may not be pretty. (I don’t know how to do all of that yet!)But I hope that it will help me reach a few of my reading and writing goals I have set for myself. Thank you to The Nerdy Book Club, The Reading Zone, and Donalyn Miller for being the inspiration that got me to try this. We’ll see how it goes…